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NEW! Toro Infinity

Our Toro Infinity tags are a direct replacement for the snap-in tag for all Toro Infinity irrigation heads. Our tags are available in 5 different colors as displayed (black, yellow, white, red, lavender). You can choose either single or multiple yardages for each tag. We also can custom engrave with your course logo along with yardage.

Toro Infinity

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Broken Tee Receptacle   Broken_Tees_Glory_with-Inset_LowRes
The FIRST Mow-Over Broken Tee Receptacle!
SAVE TIME AND MONEY!  J. Davis Broken Tee Markers can be mowed over and emptied when full – keeping your tee boxes clean!
• Available in Black, Blue, White and Red plastic
• Personalize with additional text, yardage or logos
• Easily installed with a cup cutter
• Easy removal and disposal

Rain Bird 701/751
Rain Bird has come out with new 701 and 750 heads. We have yardage markers READY TO GO for these new head models!

Valve Box Markers
J Davis Marking now offers Valve Box Markers.  Customize them!